Mayes County emergency management officials evaluate storm damage after possible tornado

SPAVINAW, Okla. - Residents in the small Mayes County town of Spavinaw are picking up the pieces after a possible tornado tore through the center of town.

Mayes County emergency management officials say it will be up to the National Weather Service to officially determine that this if a tornado touched down, but residents who spoke to 2NEWS Thursday say there's no need to wait for an official word. They know a tornado ripped through their town.

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Residents told 2NEWS only a tornado could have snapped thick tree branches and thrown a trailer on top of a house.

Fortunately the trailer was vacant and no one was seriously injured.

It's the same story throughout town -- about 25 homes were damaged but no reports of serious injuries or fatalities.

The storm passed through town after town Wednesday night, and Spavinaw residents say they had no warning because the sirens didn't sound.

Sherry Gallowich said she and her husband are lucky to be alive after the storm tossed their trailer while they were still inside.

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"I had just tucked my ID, a little flashlight and my cellphone in my pocket as we were standing up and headed toward the door," she said. "You could feel it lift up and just slam down."

Gallowich and her husband were pinned under their trailer but they were able to climb out.

The town's school buildings sustained significant damage during the storm. The superintendent has canceled classes for the rest of the week.

Crews worked all morning to restore power to town. A shelter is in place at a local church for those who lost their homes.

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