Man sentenced to 2 life terms in prison for child sex abuse involving young family member

TULSA - A Tulsa County man will spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of child sex abuse.

Authorities say 40-year-old Eric Farbes raped and impregnated a 10-year-old family member.

After complaining of abdominal pains and swelling in April 2012, a pediatrician learned the child, then 11, was 21 weeks pregnant.  

After complications, the baby was born two months early and  DNA tests confirmed Farbes was the father.  The girl's family is now raising the child.

According to court documents, the girl said she never told anyone about the abuse because Farbes threatened to kill her.

Detectives believe this could have been prevented because the 10-year-old wasn't the only child Farbes abused.

He was previously convicted in Wagoner County of impregnating his then-girlfriend's 13-year-old daughter.  The teen was six months pregnant when she miscarried and Farbes' conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor.  

A 14-year-old, who lived in the home with the 10-year-old, also accused Farbes of sex abuse.

On March 4, Farbes was sentenced to two life terms for two counts of child sex abuse. Judge William C. Kellough also ordered Farbes to undergo sex offender treatment while in custody.

2NEWS reporter Liz Bryant spoke with a detective involved in the case. Hear what they have to say tonight at 5.

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