Man propses in line at Best Buy; others buy presents for children with special needs

TULSA - Stores opened earlier than ever this year for big bargains. Black Friday technically started Thursday evening.

Toy R' Us opened at 5 p.m., Best Buy at 6 p.m., and Woodland Hills Mall at 8 p.m.

While most people are only in line for the deals, there were a few who came here for others.

Thursday night, Billy Hayes and his two friends watched their wives shop. Hayes's only job was to push the cart around.

Hayes and friends are all members of The Tulsa Vette Set, a Corvette club. The six shop for children at The Little Light House, a Tulsa school for children with special needs.

The club and South Pointe Chevrolet held a car show recently and raised thousands of dollars for toys.

"Black Friday is something I never wanted to do," Hayes said. "I do it for one reason: Just to get toys for The Little Light House. You can take your dollars and double them."

Down the street at Best Buy, Josh Bushyhead is camped out since Sunday.

He showed everyone in line who he was thankful for as he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Angela Sevier.

The two have a two-week old son.

The moment captured on camera is déjà vu for Sevier. Last year in the same line, she dreamt Bushyhead would propose.

"I'm just excited to show off my ring. He can get the deals, I guess" said Sevier.

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