Man hears screams, saves women from dog attack

TULSA - A man came to the rescue of two women Tuesday when he heard their screams from his office.

Police say the women were going door to door just north of Pine and Peoria for their church group when a pit bull jumped through the front door of one of the houses.

The women were being mauled when Michael Harrell heard the commotion from around the corner.  He jumped into his truck to investigate.

Police say when Harrell arrived he rattled the fence to get the dog's attention. Harrell, who has a concealed carry license, asked the owner if he could shoot the dog.  The owner said yes.

The two women were taken to a local hospital but they're expected to recover.

Police are now calling Harrell a hero.

Hear Harrell's account of what happened above.  Mobile users, click the news video tab.

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