Making a Difference: Young boy's unusual birthday wish helps others

In Tahlequah the families who live in the Stepping Stone Rooming House are extremely low income.
Some are plagued by illness and others by joblessness.  The people there struggle to make rent and usually pay on a week-to-week basis.
Second grader Colton and his family visit the Rooming House sometimes to drop off toys or books they've outgrown.
As his eighth birthday approached, when most kids would ask for the latest toy or game, Colton came up with a wish list that didn't include a single thing for himself.   He explains   "I said I want to donate shoes to people who don't have any. I didn't really have a reason it just came to my heart."
So his mom asked for sizes for all the children living at the Rooming House and as Colton opened his presents at his eighth birthday party he remembers   "It was exciting because everybody was like... why are all these shoes here?"
His wish, for others, came true.
Colton's mom Tamarkia Fisher says   "I just thought it was really selfless and I was just really proud." 
And Colton remembers the day he delivered his birthday blessings   "It was fun. We had to carry big trash bags in and we got to give the shoes" 
There are extra small shoes, extra large shoes, and a pink pair of medium size shoes.   The girl who received them couldn't be at the Rooming House to meet Colton because she stays after school to take advanced classes and participate in band.   But she did leave a handwritten letter for him.
In part the letter reads   "My name is Meagan. I'm 16 years old. And you're my hero. I was going to start school with shoes falling apart.    Because of you I have new ones.   And I say, thank you."
Fisher says    "I got really emotional because I could tell that was something really special to her. And for him to be her hero that makes me really proud."
Colton, smiling from ear-to-ear, says  "It feels good to do it and the people who get the stuff, they feel good, too."
All from a wish starting in a little boy's heart that came to life and is Making a Difference for others.
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