MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Operation Homefront helping military families

TULSA - For Krista Roberts, there's no prettier sight than her son's smile.

As a mom who serves in the National Guard, the time she spends with her son is precious.

"Being a single mother, it's kind of, it's tough," said Krista.

Time with her son is priceless but money is tight.

She remembers the Christmas she could barely afford gifts.

"I was able to get him some stocking stuffers that I was afraid was going to be empty that year," said Krista of her son's stocking.

But she didn't buy those gifts and Santa didn't bring them either. They were given to her by a special group -- Operation Homefront.

"So it allowed me to get the stocking stuffers and a couple of learning games, as well," said Krista.

The group provides everything from Christmas gifts to financial assistance, to military families in need.

"They get that bag full of toys, that new bike, the new coat, or something like that that comes from our organization or from our donors. It's a great feeling that we're making that difference," said Operation Homefront's Brandi Dykes.

Started by a group of military spouses in 2002, Operation Homefront knows soldiers' hardships aren't just on the battlefield.

"So whenever we do have to go over or we do have to serve our time, that we know that people here at home are supporting us as well as supporting our families as well," said Krista.

Krista was so moved by their donations to her family, she's now volunteering for Operation Homefront herself.

She's trying to give back to an organization that's given her, so much to smile about. For information on how you can help go to,

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