Locust Grove voters decide on 9.7 million bond issue, district's largest yet

Tuesday, Green Country residents took to the polls for Election Day.

Locust Grove voters decided whether to pass a $9.7 million bond package, the school's largest ever, which will pay for a new, unique high school.

Superintendent David Cash wants to bring in domes, tornado-proof infrastructures for the campus. Currently, the district has six domes for its Early Learning Center and Arena.

This is how the $9,770,000 breaks-down:

   -- $6,500,000 is for domes for a new high school

   -- $300,000 for four new buses and two news vans

   -- $2,970,000 for interest over 14 years

Cash says these proposed bonds wouldn't increase taxes, because it is an extension of a 2007 bond.

Locust Grove High School is 47 years old. Many residents voting today have kids in school there. It is the building where they too attended.

Susan Qualls says the building is in much worse condition now than when she was in school.

"There are birds up in the ceiling. Anytime it rains, it leaks real bad," said Qualls.

Qualls says she voted "yes" for the bonds, but not everyone's mind is made up.

"I haven't decided yet," said Terry Cooper.

Cooper said there is a need for a new high school but the timing isn't right.

"If it doesn't pass it will be because of the administration. It won't be because people not caring about kids. I'm talking about the top administration," said Cooper.

Cash prefers domes because he says it's $40 cheaper per square foot than a regular building, cuts the utility bill in half, and is tornado-proof.

"Our tornado drill is 'keep on teaching,'" he said.

Cash says eventually he wants to replace all the school sites with domes.

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