Last Say Ministries make plans to build community center in south Peoria neighborhood

A south Tulsa ministry is trying to break-thru in an area that's seen lots of crime.

Last Say Ministries is a group reaching out to their neighbors, like Brittany Eastland.

"You got playgrounds and parks and things, but you really don't find that a very safe place to go," Eastland said.

Roger Lane runs Last Say Ministries and says this is an opportunity to get to know his neighbors.

"We're trying to reach the people and keep them from going to jails and prisons," Lane said.

Last Say Ministries wants to expand their services and build a community center near 65th and Peoria, but first they need to money to purchase the land. The land is just four blocks south of their current office.

Lane said the community center will have sports, computers for research, technical training and Tulsa Hope Academy, which is an accredited high school.

Lane wants to buy the property in the next six months, then have the center up and running within five years.

"It's an opportunity for us to connect with them on a real, heart to heart, friend basis," Lane said. "So we can begin to talk to them and get deeper and help them in areas they need."

Eastland moved into this neighborhood a year ago, and hopes with her kids involved, Last Say ministries will be able to get out of this gate.

"Hopefully it will have a positive impact on everyone," she said. "All you can do is try."

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