LA manhunt: Suspect Christopher Dorner once lived in Enid, Oklahoma, returned $8,000 found in road

The former police officer suspected in the killing of three people and injuring two others once returned nearly $8,000 he found while living in Oklahoma.

According to the Enid News & Eagle, Christopher Dorner was one of two Vance Air Force Base students who found a bank bag in the middle of the road in November 2002.

Enid Police confirmed to 2News that Dorner was one of two men who turned in the money to police-- nearly $8,000.

Police say the money belonged to a local church called the Enid Korean Church of Grace.

"I thought it was a piece of cardboard," Dorner told the newspaper. "When we passed it I thought it was a large purse and turned around."

He said his mother taught him about honesty and integrity as a child and that it wouldn't have been right to keep the money.

Captain Jack Morris of the Enid Police Department told the Los Angeles Times that his department received a warning stating Dorner was wanted as well as a description. He also said a man by the name of Christopher Dorner was the victim of a property crime back in 2003.

Police opened a massive manhunt for Dorner Thursday, after the ex-Los Angeles police officer was linked to the weekend homicide of a couple in LA and the early Thursday morning shooting in which four police officers were targeted.

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Dorner, 33, implicated himself in the killings with a multi-page "manifesto," in which he states he once lived in Enid.  The manifesto included threats against several people, including members of the LAPD, police said.

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Many Enid residents were surprised to find out the nationwide manhunt hit so close to home. 

"I just thought it's a small world. At first I thought, he's a police officer here, but then I found out he wasn't a police officer. I really was surprised he lived here in Enid," said Darline Rodriguez.

She says she's concerned to hear he mentioned Enid in his manifesto.

"It worries me. But we just have to watch out for each other and stay safe."

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