Kimberly Graham: Shawnee woman reflects on tornado, picks up pieces after mobile home park destroyed

SHAWNEE, Okla. - Two people were killed Sunday when a twister passed over a mobile home park near Shawnee, Okla. in Pottawattamie County.

The once-busy trailer park is now mostly twisted metal and bare foundations.

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Many residents, like Kimberly Graham, lost nearly everything Sunday. The damage is extensive. Most of the homes lay ripped apart, pieces everywhere.

"It's just horrible," said Graham. "I mean, just seeing everything, and it's not only my home but people I know that's been there as long as I have.  It's just gone, just gone."

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Graham sought shelter with her family before her home was destroyed. Two neighbors weren't so lucky.

Now, Graham and her family are without clothes and basic toiletries, but they were able to salvage her 7-year-old son's orange bicycle.

"That was something that was so precious to a 7-year-old," she said. "No matter what else we didn't have, that bike was there and it was coming home with us.  It was coming back."

After all this, Graham doesn't know if she and her family will ever come back, even after nearly 15 years of living in the park.

"We'll just clear it all off and put a for sale sign," she said.

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Governor Mary Fallin, who declared a state of emergency Sunday for 16 counties, is touring the damage Monday.

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