Jenks trash getting one-cart system

JENKS, Okla. - City leaders announced major changes to Jenks' trash service.

Residents will soon be able to place their loose recyclables and trash into one cart at curbside.

The program is expected to start at the beginning of April.

"In the last few year we've had city councilors contacted by residents wanting a curbside recycling program," said Mike Tinker, Jenks city manager.

Tinker said Jenks' trash collection program has evolved in the last 20 years.

American Waste Control, which collect's the city's garbage, said this is the first time it has offered a single cart program.

"Basically they put the recyclables in the bottom of the cart and they bag the trash and place that in the same cart," said Tom Hill, CEO of American Waste Control.

The company said the recyclables and trash will be sorted at its material recovery facility, also known as "Mr. Murph."

Officials say residents who take advantage of the program will not have to pay more.

American Waste Control plans to mail  residents flyers with more details explaining  how the program works.

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