Jenks man to commemorate Boston, Oklahoma City bombing victims through half marathon

Ben Randle of Jenks started running two years ago.

"(It was) mainly health reasons, I had lost some weight and I thought, ‘What's a good way to keep it off?'"

Nowadays, you'll find him running several days a week.

"The two times I run during the week, I'll run two to six miles throughout the week, and weekends are my long runs, which are six to twelve miles."

Randle said he is part of a community that is unlike any other.

"(For) 99 percent of runners, there's no goal. There's no money involved. It's for the camaraderie"

 That spirit was evident during the recent "We Are Unstoppable" run in Tulsa.

"For that many people to show up on just a spontaneous fun run like that, it shows people care," Randle said.

Randle's wife is one of those that cares.

She is part of the reason he decided to run in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

"I didn't know if I was going to sign up for it, but if someone was to sign me up for it, I wouldn't say no. And so for Christmas… she gave me the slip, and said ‘Here you're doing the run.'"

In light of the recent tragedy in Boston, Randle believes the Oklahoma City race will be special.

He will be running the half marathon.

"I think you'll see a lot of Boston Red Sox hats, a lot of Red socks. I'm sure people will have signs and things like that.

But the Boston victims will not be the only ones on Randle's mind.

"I hear that the starting line is just something that's just phenomenal. That every runner should experience it, and I'm looking forward to that 168 seconds of silence."

Followed by what will likely be the most emotional 13 miles of Randle's running career.

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