Jenks, Union Midfirst Bank Backyard Bowl high school football rivalry splitting neighborhoods

TULSA - On the football field Friday in the Midfirst Bank Backyard Bowl Jenks and Union were divided by the colors on their jerseys. At home the borders are just as clear.

Between S. Memorial Dr. to S. Mingo Rd., running from East 91st St S. down to 111 St S., the Jenks and Union rivalry is alive. A textbook border battle -- with Jenks families living across the street from Union families.

John Bailey has lived in his neighborhood for 15 years.

"If you go right behind the house here it is Jenks district," Bailey motioned. "Back over here it is Union district."

But it doesn't stop there for Bailey. His granddaughters go to Union. His grandson went to Union City Schools, but now, "Cale is a senior at Jenks and Bailey Paige is a granddaughter at Jenks. So I'm back and forth."

When it comes to the Backyard Bowl, Bailey is caught in the middle with family on both sides of the football.

"When I go to one of their houses I wear a Union shirt," Bailey said. "When I go to the Union's I wear the Jenks shirt.'"

Bailey said he just can't win.

In his neighborhood Bailey says that the Union and Jenks families have fun with the rivalry, trading friendly jabs here and there and putting out yard signs to let people know what team they will be cheering for.

But it seems no matter where Bailey goes and no matter what shirt he wears he hears one thing from his family.

"Grandpa, that is an ugly shirt," he said.

Last year Union won their regular season game with Jenks 14 - 7. Jenks won in the state semi-finals 41-10 over Union, before taking home the state championship the following week against Norman North.

Friday night, the defending state champions won -- Jenks 20, Union 16.

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