Online extra: Robert Burns - a former insider testifies

Attorney Robert Burns testified in a deposition this August in a case between Estee Lauder Inc. and OneBeacon Insurance Group, a company that transferred its asbestos and environmental liability to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiaries National Indemnity Co. and Resolute Management Inc.

Subpoenaed by Estee Lauder, Burns described under oath his work as a claims executive for Cavell U.S., a third-party insurance administrator that managed Resolute insurance accounts. Burns was in charge of Stonewall Insurance claims, in addition to other Resolute accounts.

In cross-examination, attorneys for OneBeacon tried to discredit Burns and challenge the relevance of his testimony.

Burns, a retired brigadier general in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard, now works as general counsel for Stube Inc., a military contractor in Marietta, Pa.

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