City of Glenpool audit finds misuse of taxpayer dollars and violations of city's bidding process

GLENPOOL, Okla. -- Misuse of taxpayer dollars and violations of the city's bidding process are some of the findings in a state audit released Thursday concerning the City of Glenpool.

City Councilor Tommy Carner says he knew something wasn't right at City Hall.

He says that's why he ran for office, and became a councilor in 2011.

The following February he collected signatures to get a state audit done on the City of Glenpool.

Two years later, that audit is done.
"They seem pretty consistent with what I thought was going on," said Carner.
The 2NEWS Investigators obtained the audit and found a number of concerns.
One of the concerns has to do with the new City Hall and conference center in Glenpool.
The auditor says the invoices for the signage list the city manager's daughter as the the sales rep for the project.
It goes on to say there wasn't a formal bid process in selecting the sign company.
The auditor says he's providing a copy of the report, " legal authorities to evaluate whether the circumstances regarding the "Welcome" signs constitute a "willful" violation, subject to prescribed penalties."
"I definitely would love for the district attorney to look at it because if there are things that are wrong, we as a city need it to be corrected," said Carner.
Then there's the salary of city manager Ed Tinker.
The audit says Ed Tinker has received nine raises in five years, more than doubling his salary. At its highest, Tinker's salary was at $143,000. The council has since modified the contract to bring his salary to $121,417.
The auditor says five of the nine raises received council approval, but the others don't have documentation to support the increase.
Another concern? The auditor says the city spent $410,000 in bond money on economic development consultants and lobbyists -- money that was supposed to go to building projects.
"If elected officials get their wrist slapped enough, maybe they will actually start doing what they're supposed to," said Carner.

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