Inmate dies at Tulsa County Jail; nurse suffers cardiac-related emergency while treating inmate

TULSA - An inmate is believed to have committed suicide at the Tulsa County Jail early Wednesday morning and a nurse who was treating him was rushed to a local hospital after experiencing a cardiac-related medical emergency.

In an emailed statement, Maj. Shannon Clark says a detention officer found an unresponsive inmate during security checks just before midnight in the housing unit J-16.

The officer immediately called for a medical emergency and Clark says within seconds medical professionals from the jail were on scene administering life-saving procedures.  EMSA paramedics and members of the Tulsa Fire Department were there minutes later.

While resuscitation attempts for Perry were ongoing, a registered nurse with Correctional Healthcare Companies, the health care company used at the jail, suffered a cardiac-related medical emergency, according to Clark, and was transported to a local hospital where the nurse was admitted for treatment.

Despite resuscitation efforts, Brian Keith Perry, 41, was pronounced dead at 12 a.m. and Clark says it appears he died from positional asphyxiation.  The cause of death will be determined by the state's medical examiner, who now has custody of Perry's body.

Investigators with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office were called in to rule out any suspicion of foul play.

Perry was booked into the jail June 7 for various complaints, including resisting arrest.

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