Harvard education could come to McLain High School; plan draws strong reactions from teachers

TULSA - Students at McLain High School for Science and Technology and seven other schools could be getting a Harvard-style education.

Parents gathered at McLain High School Monday to hear how the district plans to turn around struggling schools in north Tulsa.

Tulsa Public School officials plan to partner with EdLabs, a Harvard University research and development laboratory, to bring up test scores and the graduation rate in the next three years.

The partnership calls for students to stay an extra hour in school and more tutors to assist them. There would be one tutor for every two kids at the high school and one tutor for every three kids at the elementary schools. 

Many parents say they like the idea of  a partnership and remain optimistic about new reforms to help failing schools.

"There's more that can be done, TPS, Tulsa Public Schools, recognizes that it's time to push the envelope," Alpha Benson said.

However, teachers say the new partnership is not the way to go. Educators remained skeptical that a new program would increase achievement for students. They say there has been too many failed attempts at reforming schools.

"They say we're going to give it three years. We've had so many different programs and its the same program with a different name. The same program with a different book. It's the same thing over and over and over again and we're not making progress. It's seems like we're going backwards," said Jeana Dorsey, a teacher for Tulsa Public Schools.

The School Board will vote on the program next month. If approved it would cost $19 million dollars. The money would come from private funds.

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