Gushing Tulsa water main drys up service to 20 Tulsa homes, Charlie's Chicken restaurant

TULSA - A water main break near 33rd West Avenue in Tulsa left about 20 homes and a popular chicken restaurant without water Monday.

Crews worked to repair the break, which a Charlie's Chicken employee said occurred around 11 a.m., well into the night. Maintenance workers managed to get the water back on before 10 p.m., after which they adjusted their sights to filling in the hole created by the break.

The gushing line was most likely the result of a shift in the soil underneath the road, according to Bob Bledsoe with the city of Tulsa. Bledsoe says those shifts account for 90 percent of water main breaks.

"I came through and I saw water shooting up about three or four foot high over there and then I looked and it was just all going down our driveway," said Diana Carder, one of the residents affected. "... I came out and it just kept getting higher and higher and it took them quite a while to get it turned off."

City workers closed both lanes of 33rd West Avenue between 47th and 49th Street for several hours Monday night.

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