Green Country gun owners show up in mass to buy higher priced rifles.

TULSA - Green Country gun owners are firing-up their gun prices and selling them in mass.

This weekend, Tulsa's Expo Square is hosting the first gun show this year.

Seller Tom Cherokee says he's ready to sell his last two semi-automatic rifles. One is an M-4 and the other is an M-16 he built as a clone to his Vietnam days.

Tom uses those rifles for target shooting and today he's got a target in mind.

"This gun goes for a $1,000. I'm going to ask at least $2,000 for it maybe more. I hear the price has really gone crazy."

Tom's selling with a strategy since U.S. lawmakers are talking about a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

Cherokee says this is the busiest this show's ever been.

Outside crews are luring gun shoppers to join the National Riffle Association.

One worker shouts, "Join the NRA! You go right inside the show and you don't have to pay to get in!"

David Webbert likes that offer. With no waiting and no paying, he finds out quickly what's inside, we aren't allowed in.

"People are everywhere. People are trading and buying the magazines and ammo things like that," said Webbert.

Cherokee said, "like they say, Obama's one of the best gun salesman they've had. Every time he talks gun control, prices go up."

Many gun owners won't talk on-camera. One man says he thinks Congress and President Obama don't have enough power to change gun laws since the NRA's one of Capitol Hill's largest lobbyist.

Mike Dolan's also selling his Remington Gun. He doesn't worry about stricter gun laws or full force registration. He says legal gun owners don't.

"That will probably add another $50 to it. Most gun dealers once they have a captive audience they're going to charge what they want for it. It runs $40-60 dollars now," said Cherokee.

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