Which Green Country, Tulsa-area towns, cities allow fireworks, need permits, or say no to July 4th

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - People across Green Country are flocking to fireworks stores to stock up on holiday supplies, but every city has different rules on shooting off the firecrackers.

In some cities like Tulsa, Owasso and Sapulpa, fireworks are illegal within city limits and can come with a huge fine if a person is caught shooting them off. Other cities like Bixby, Broken Arrow and Sand Springs require you purchase a permit to light fireworks.

A few places like Muskogee and Wagoner don't require the purchase of a permit, but only allow fireworks to be shot on certain days.

Fire officials say many cities are doing away with fireworks because they pose a level of danger to people and can cause fires. Tulsa actually outlawed fireworks back in 1938.

"It was to prevent some injuries. They had a lot of injuries back then," Tulsa Fire Department's public information officer Stan May said Friday.

It's a trend that has those residents still living in firework communities feeling appreciative.

"It's a great feeling to have that freedom and rural feel of an old fireworks show," Tahlequah resident Heidi Berry said.

"We're pretty excited about the big stuff," Mounds resident Stephanie Vandenberg said.

Officials say it's important to know the laws before you stock on supplies and equally important to set up precautions in case of an unexpected crisis.

Want to know what your town/city's policies are on fireworks and firecrackers? Here's some from around Green Country.

City of Bixby (918-366-4430) - Permit required. Permit Information

City of Broken Arrow (918-259-2400) - Permit required. Permit Information and Application

City of Claremore (918-341-1325) - Permit required. Permit Information

City of Coweta (918-486-2189) - No permit required. The shooting of fireworks is allowed on July 3rd and 4th from 10AM-12AM. Coweta City Code (Section 10-303 C, p. 271)

City of Glenpool (918-322-5409) - Permit required. City Ordinance and Permit Information

City of Jenks (918-299-5883) - Permit required. Available at city hall for $20, or $50 for group (like a block party), can shoot of fireworks on July 3, 4, 5 and NYE.

City of Mannford (918-865-4314) - Per City Hall: Permit required. Permits can be obtained from city hall for $20. Permits allow fireworks to be shot in the city limits on July 4th from 12pm-11pm.

City of Muskogee (918-682-6602) - Per City Hall: No permit required. The shooting of fireworks is allowed on July 4th until 11PM.

City of Owasso (918-376-1500) - From City of Owasso Website FAQ : Fireworks that make a loud explosion or launch into the air are prohibited. Sparklers, smoke bombs, and fountains are examples of legal fireworks. Firecrackers, rockets, mortars, etc., are examples of illegal fireworks.

City of Sand Springs (918-246-2500) - Permit required. Permit Information

City of Sapulpa (918-224-3040)- No permits, no fireworks

City of Tulsa (918-596-2100) - No fireworks allowed.

City of Wagoner (918-485-4586) - Per City Hall: No permit required. The shooting of fireworks is allowed on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 10AM-11PM.

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