Glenpool High School establishes ‘Partners in Education,' collaborates with Simple Simon's Pizza

GLENPOOL -- Partners in Education – a program that creates collaborative opportunities between local businesses and schools in the community.  It was only a concept for Glenpool High School, until a few months ago.

"It was something we've talked about for a couple two or three years, said GHS principal Mona Smith. "This summer the opportunity finally opened."

That door was opened when Simple Simon's Pizza announced it would be opening its flagship store and corporate headquarters in Glenpool. Simple Simon's also owns CheeZies Pizza, which has a Glenpool location.  

Smith, who is in her first year as principal at the high school, and former GHS principal, Glenpool Public Schools assistant superintendent Jerry Olansen, met with Simple Simon's executives and secured the company as its charter member for Partners in Education.

"We are setting the model at the high school. We are planning on being a positive model that can be hopefully be expanded," Smith said.

Last Thursday, an $11,000 check was presented to GHS during an assembly.

The first $10,000 of that amount funded 60-inch TVs, Apple TV devices and iPads for six classes, and a MacBook Pro for another classroom.

"We are very close to having either SMART Boards or Apple TVs in all of our classrooms. This is a huge step. We now have only a couple more classrooms to go."

Another $1,000 went to fund a grant for a Glenpool Middle School teacher.

"In today's economy and today's budget cuts in public school it has been hard to find enough funding. Simple Simon's has been very generous.

"It's great to have to have pieces of technology that we didn't have before."

Smith said GHS hopes to partner with other businesses in Glenpool to continue supplementing resources that have not been available for technology upgrades for its students, as well as promote and bring visibility to those companies.

"This a mutual benefit. We really do want this to be a partnership with our community."

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