Glenpool votes Tuesday on extending sales tax, revenue would build multi-field sports complex

GLENPOOL, Okla. - "These things act as a catalyst to bring other businesses around," Glenpool Mayor Momodou Ceesay said.

He wants voters to vote 'yes' this Tuesday, turning 37 acres of city land by highway 75 into a multipurpose sports complex. The complex would include six ball fields, two restaurants, batting cages and an indoor facility for athletics or non-sport use.

It would be paid for by renewing Glenpool's $.006 sales tax, the city's portion of the current Tulsa County Vision tax.

"It is slated to expire at the end of 2016," Ceesay said. "December of 2016. We are asking the voters of Glenpool to go to the polls on Tuesday and say yes, we want to continue levying this tax."

But not all voters will be checking yes on their ballot. Glenpool resident Christine Adams isn't opposed to the tax, she just wants it spent elsewhere or on existing infrastructure if extended, so she will be voting against extending the tax.

"Like street improvements," Adams said. "We have an existing park, Morris park at 121st and highway 75, which is multipurpose, can be used and they have done no improvements, major improvements out there."

With a still recovering economy, the timing is also wrong in Adams' opinion.

"It is just not a good time to be voting yes, to put in a major multi-purpose facility," Adams said.

If voted down, the tax would be set to expire, unless extended through a different proposal. If extended the city says the fields will eventually attract more restaurants and hotels to Glenpool.

"The complex, it is going to have a regional draw from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, all of Oklahoma," Ceesay said.

The polls in Glenpool open Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

Information presented at one of the city's town hall meetings on the vote can be found here: City of Glenpool multi-sports complex presentation. The city also has a handout about Tuesday's vote.




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