Glacier Confection expanding its operation to 50,000 sq. ft. chocolate factory

TULSA - A real life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory is coming to Tulsa.

Glacier Confection Owner Bill Copeland announced this Sunday, exclusively to 2NEWS.

Currently, Glacier Confection has a boutique store in Tulsa's Brady Arts District. When you walk-in, you see thousands of chocolates and might think dozens of workers make the colorful confections. That's just not the case. One man and only one man, Bill Copeland, is behind this entire operation- from web design, to packaging, and making the chocolates.

Copeland says he's "insane" and has "outgrown" his current space which he opened three years ago in a down economy.

Now, three years later, Bill is taking more risks. He's renovating a 50,000 sq. ft. building near 11th & S. Sheridan. Bill's turning the space into an entire chocolate factory and competing with other gourmet chocolatiers.

That's means he's no longer staying a one man operation. Bill wants to hire culinary chefs and interns.

Bill's wife, Cindy Copeland, is the brains behind all of Glacier's packaging. She sells those Valentine's red heart boxes to Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.

Cindy said, "I really am encouraging him to open up a store front in front of this place too. A factory store. That way people can see where it's all made and how it's made."

Bill has no renderings of what his factory will look like. In fact, he's never written a business plan. Copeland said, "as I go, I discover new directions and things I want to do. If I'm that rigid about a plan it's too difficult to alter."

The Copeland's plan to open their East Tulsa factory in July.

They're keeping open their Downtown Tulsa store for chocolate teaching classes and a tasting center for new recipes.

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