Former Tulsa day care worker sentenced to 12 years for child abuse

TULSA - A former Tulsa day care worker who pleaded no contest to child abuse was sentenced Friday.

Meredith Howard will serve a dozen years in prison for child abuse. 

In November 2010, Howard was charged with sexually abusing a 19-month-old girl at John Knox Child Development Center. She was fired after her arrest.

Shortly thereafter, a second charge of child abuse was filed stemming from a 2008 incident at Kirk of the Hills.  According to court documents, Howard used unreasonable force on an 8-month-old baby, breaking his femur.

In November 2012, Howard pleaded no contest to two counts of child abuse. She was then released on her own recognizance.

Prosecutors asked a judge to sentence Howard to 15 years in prison, plus five years. On Friday, she was sentenced to 12 years for each count of child abuse and the sentences are to be served concurrently. Upon her release she will serve three years of probation.

In addition to prison time, Howard will have to pay various fines and compensation payments in the amount of $4,700. 

She remains free on her own recognizance until Feb. 25 when she's required to report back to begin serving her time. A 10-month review is scheduled Dec. 6.

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