Former 2News anchor sat just yards away from Boston Marathon explosion

Former 2News anchor John Walls sat just yards from where the first bomb rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon last week.
This week he sat down in an interview and reflected on the explosions.
John caught the chaos on his cell phone.  In the video footage you can hear the blast and then John telling others, "Get out of the stands. Get out of the stands. My God. Oh my God."
John was sitting across the street from the first explosion, about 100 yards away.
He describes the experience, "You can smell the sulfur.  You can feel the heat, the blast comes across you."
John was there to watch his wife and daughter cross the finish line.  They were almost there and then the second bomb exploded.
"That's when you knew this was not a gas pipe.  This is real and this is terror and we gotta get outta here."
John was sitting with a friend, former Miss Oklahoma Shawntelle Smith.  She was waiting for her husband to finish the race.  John can be heard telling her which direction to go to get away from the chaos.
He said, "For about 10-20 seconds in there, I had a sense that we were going to blow up. I really thought this could be it. I don't want to die here. I don't want to die like this. I don't want to be blown up."
In the middle of it all though, he tried calling his wife and daughter several times with no luck.  He then called his other daughter, who wasn't even at the marathon.
"Hey buddy it's Dad. Call me as soon as you can. I think Mom and Katie are fine but there's been a horrible incident."
Finally, 45 minutes later, he found them.  They were safe.
Today, John can't help but think about how close he was to tragedy.  
"My bones start to shake a little bit when you say that because it was real and you are scared."


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