Flu shot vaccine, medicines hard to find across Tulsa, Green Country

TULSA - Flu season is in full swing here in Oklahoma, but you'll have a hard time finding a flu shot if you still need one.

Many clinics and pharmacies are not only out of the preventative flu shot but medicine to treat the virus as well.

Cheryl Beers knew something was wrong.

"You know I just don't feel good, I just feel yuck," she said.

So she stopped by Ergent Care in south Tulsa to get tested for the flu. Her positive test result surprised her because she had gotten a flu shot.

"Unfortunately that's what we're seeing," said Dr. Steve Nussbaum.  "People took the shot and they're still getting the flu."

Nussbaum says flu season seems to be peaking early.

"We've been seeing lots of flu this season. It's been a hard flu season," he said.

Nussbaum says the flu shot is hard to find.

"Right now the issue is finding people that have the vaccine. We're out. We've been out for a week or more," he said.

If you can find the vaccine, Nussbaum says it's not too late.

"Things that are important to remember about the flu vaccine, if you get a shot today, the protective value of that flu shot is really not going to kick in for about two weeks," he said.

But if you've already gotten the flu finding medicine to treat your symptoms, like Tamiflu, could also be hard to find.

"We get a lot of calls every day from both physician offices and patients desperately looking for the medication," said Chris Schiller, pharmacist at Economy Pharmacy.

Schiller says the liquid version for kids is even more scarce. He says if you can't find it there are other options. But he says other medicines might not work as well.

"It's just going to be a lot more severe and it's going to last a lot longer," Schiller said.

Pharmacists recommend calling around to pharmacies if you need Tamiflu to check if they have it in stock before stopping in.

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