FlexiSnake put 2 the Test: Gadget claims to unclog drains fast

Claims to easily unclog drains

TULSA - That annoying moment when the water in your bathtub or sink stops draining --  We've all been there and you've likely tried every chemical on the market.  But have you tried the FlexiSnake?  2NEWS Anchor Deana Silk puts the product to the test.

"We probably go through about a gallon or so of Drano a month."

Kim LeBlanc is looking for a more permanent fix and hopes the FlexiSnake will be the answer.  

"It says it unclogs drains fast," said Kim.

The directions are simple -- uncoil the FlexiSnake and "snake" it down your drain.

Kim's bathtub drain was completely clogged so she forced the FlexiSnake as far down as she could get it.  The Velcro tip is supposed to attract the hair causing the problem.  Immediately the clogged bathtub started to drain a little.

"Oh yes! It's works," said Kim.

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She tried again, each time bringing up more hair.  Kim said the FlexiSnake was a little difficult to force down the bathtub drain but not impossible.

"It's a little hard to maneuver down there, but I'm sure it's because of the clog."

After she used the FlexiSnake for a few minutes, the bathtub was draining again.  Kim decided to try the FlexiSnake on her bathroom sink next.

Unlike her bathtub, Kim's sink wasn't actually clogged so she didn't expect to get much out of it.  She was wrong.

"There's some more, it just keeps coming."

What Kim found in her bathroom sink was far worse than the bathtub.  

"That's disgusting!!!  We honestly didn't think there would be anything down there."  

Overall, Kim gave the FlexiSnake an A+.

"I need this product, I think everyone in America needs this product. I really do, I love it." said Kim.  

The FlexiSnake package of 2 retails for about $10.

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