Oakhurst Volunteer Fire Department fights to remain open

TULSA - The Oakhurst Fire Department is fighting back after concerns about response time and equipment.

Tuesday night, Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith met with firefighters to talk about her concerns with the struggling volunteer fire department.

A few weeks ago, Keith asked the fire departments from Tulsa, Sapulpa and Berryhill to take over while INCOG assesses the situation.

Some Oakhurst residents say they are worried the volunteer fire department is too slow and its equipment unreliable.

Oakhurst firefighters say they are still taking fire calls and will continue to fight to keep the department open, even if the county tries to shut it down.

Oakhurst is about six square miles of land between Tulsa and Sapulpa.

Tuesday night, Keith said she expects Oakhurst Fire Department to remain open for now.

"They've made an incredible recovery here in the last few months. I mean unbelievable," Keith said.

"I'm glad we could get on the same page and work together, and looks like Oakhurst is going to be here. And that's what we were fighting for," said Assistant Chief Mike Blansett.
Blansett says they have pagers to take calls now and will train with larger fire departments. INCOG will meet with fire chiefs from Tulsa, Sapulpa and Berryhill next week.

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