Public meeting scheduled to discuss Tulsa Public Schools bond vote ahead of Tuesday's election

Bond focused on technology, security upgrades

TULSA - Thursday night, Tulsa Public Schools will discuss the upcoming $38 million bond issue.

Technology is the major focus of the bond.  Getting items like iPads into students hands is key, according to teachers.  They say it changes the way students can learn in the classroom.

Miss Holland's seventh-grade class uses iPads on a regular basis, but if the bond passes the technology would be available more often to more students.

The goal is to bring the student-to-computer ratio to three-to-one.

Miss Holland says, in her class, the text book is available digitally on iPads and students get a more interactive experience.

"When a student is reading about something they can actually go to the website, see the pictures, see the webcams, see what's going on in that country we are studying right then and there, and that brings it to a new level of learning," said Miss Holland.

The bond is also slated to pay for fire sprinklers and security upgrades, which overall is expected to increase taxes.

A public meeting to discuss the bond is scheduled for 6 p.m. at East Central High School. 

The last meeting will be Monday, May 13, at Memorial High School.

Voters will then take to the polls Tuesday.


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