FDA, FBI, Oklahoma Medical Board investigation shuts down Tulsa cancer clinic Camelot Cancer Care

TULSA - An investigation by the Federal Drug Administration shut down a south Tulsa cancer clinic Tuesday.

Camelot Cancer Care, located at  6804 S. Canton, was closed by FDA agents Tuesday afternoon. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Oklahoma Medical Board agents assisted in the investigation.

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Camelot's website advertises natural, alternative cancer treatment options and is among few DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) clinics that accept cancer patients. The clinic also advertises that it uses Laetrile, a chemical some patients use to treat cancer. Laetrile is not approved by the FDA.

A FBI agent told 2NEWS the investigation is ongoing. He would not disclose what tipped off the agents to the clinic.

FDA spokesman Christopher Kelly said, "We don't provide any comment on ongoing investigations."


EDITOR'S NOTE: We have removed the video from this story. The sign in front of the office building, which was edited into the video, included the names of other occupants of the complex. Dr. Richard Marple's name was shown in our video. Marple is not associated with Camelot Cancer Care.

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