Family of Misty Nunley, quadruple murder victim, wants answers

TULSA - Pain and grief are now giving way to anger for families of four murder victims. Police have no suspects right now in the quadruple shooting that left four women dead Monday.

The families are terrified the killer or killers are still out there.

The mother and daughter 33-year-old Misty Nunley are fighting to stay strong.

Nunley's family says she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Every minute that goes by without an arrest leaves them living in fear.

Shondelle Nunley, 19,  had just finished college orientation when she found out her mother was shot dead.

"She just came over to my house the night before and told me she was so proud of me for enrolling in college," Shondelle Nunley said.

She says she's been in a haze since Monday.

"I didn't get to tell her bye or that I love her or nothing," she said.

Nunley left behind another young daughter and two granddaughters.

"All I know is my family's destroyed. We're missing a daughter, a mom, a grandma, a sister, a niece and my friend," said her mother, Cheryl.

Cheryl tells 2NEWS her daughter was the last one shot by the killer.

"Her last few moments on earth were filled with terror. It's something I can't get past," she said.

Now -- as she waits for answers -- she's angry and afraid.

"I'm terrified. I'm terrified for my grandchildren, my great grandchildren," Cheryl said.

She says Kayetie Melchor and Rebekiah Powell -- also shot dead -- had offered Misty a place to stay while she got her life back on track.

"They all had families who loved them. And we need those girls, we need them," she said.

Cheryl wants to know why the killer or killers targeted these women.

"All I know is they took away a very, very big chunk of our life," she said.

No matter what happened, Shondelle and Cheryl know finding out won't bring Misty back.

"I don't know how to go on without her. I can't imagine not having my daughter," she said.

The Nunleys are planning Misty's funeral right now and hope to hold a public memorial for her soon.


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