Family & Children Services to open 24-hour crisis center

TULSA - Family and Children Services is set to open a 24 hour crisis center Monday.

The new facility will help improve public safety and help people in psychiatric crisis. The 24/7 center will provide short-term crisis stabilization throughout the year.

Dozens of nurses, mental health experts and crisis technicians will on hand to help anyone experiencing a mental illness. 

"This is what we're going to be hoping also reduce the burden of emergency rooms in Tulsa, because this is an area where people can come and get appropriate psychiatric care," Family & Children Services CEO Gail Lapidus said. 

Treatment for a patient will include three distinct areas. 

1) Screening, Triage and Assessment Center--Health experts will find the level of appropriate care needed to stabilize an individual. The team will determine if the patient is medically stable or need further medical attention.

2) Crisis Respite Center--This is a new concept and the first one in Northeastern Oklahoma. The Crisis Respite Center will offer a 24-hour stay with continuous supervision and medical attention. The new center seeks to help put people back in the community within 24 hours period.

3) Crisis Stabilization Unit--The unit will have 16 beds and be used for inpatient care up to five days.

The crisis center will also provide group and individual therapy, nursing services and evaluation and treatment planning.

"This is to get them stabilized and to start of the part to further recovery...a majority of people should be able to live independently in the community upon leaving here," Lapidus said.

The Crisis center will open everyday day for 365 days a year.




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