Facebook selfies appear on woman's page from stolen cellphone, Tulsa police hope pics lead to arrest

TULSA - Tulsa police believe recent Facebook posts may lead investigators to a pair of purse-snatching suspects.

Authorities say a victim's purse, with her cellphone inside, was stolen in mid-September at Mad Murphy's Irish Pub near the Southern Hills Country Club in south Tulsa.

No suspects were immediately arrested for the robbery, but TPD Sgt. Kurt Dodd said Wednesday three photos added to the victim's Facebook page since the incident have given authorities a strong lead in the investigation.

The woman had unknowingly linked photos taken by her cellphone to the social media site, according to Dodd. 

"It's very unusual to take photographs with a stolen smart phone. You can see they're pretty good photos," he said. "Obviously, those phones are $500 to replace one. Potentially, this could be a felony."

The victim of the theft says she's made numerous attempts to get in touch with the women via text and voicemail, even before calling the police. 

And while she isn't sure the women were responsible for her purse being taken, she thinks they should have a pretty good idea that the phone was stolen.

"If they even listened to the messages, they heard my plea," she said. "I mean, I think the last plea I made was 'Can't you just have a heart and return my phone? No questions asked.' And I told them if they didn't, then I would be calling the police."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers (http://bit.ly/TulsaCrimeStoppers).

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