EMSA to increase response times for emergencies

TULSA - Starting November 1, EMSA  will increase the time it takes to respond to an emergency. 

EMSA says it's increasing the time to respond to an emergency to increase safety for medics and the public and to make it safer for medics to travel to their destination. 
It cites a study that says a quicker response time does not guarantee survival, but rather the C-P-R administrated in the early minutes of a critical situation. 
For critical emergencies, such as heart attacks, drownings, and traumatic motor vehicle collisions, it will take EMSA 10 minutes and 59 seconds to arrive on scene.   
For non-life threatening situations, such as falls and minor injuries, it will take medics 24 minutes and 59 seconds to respond to an emergency. 
Some homeowners say they're not happy about the new response times. 
"I feel like its troublesome. I feel like it wouldn't help a lot of people especially when it happens someone is going to want something to happen right then and there," Homeowner Calvin George said. 
EMSA says by increasing response times and limiting the use of lights and sirens to critical emergencies, drivers will no longer have to pull over for ambulances as often. 
In the case of an emergency where EMSA is not on scene of a critical situation, it says their medical team will give the 911 caller step-by-step instructions to provide care until medical help arrives. 
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