Dr. Scott Harrington letters for patients who receive negative Hepatitis and HIV test results

TULSA - 2NEWS has obtained letters Dr. Scott Harrington's patients will receive once the results come back for their hepatitis and HIV tests.

There are two different form letters for negative results for the blood borne viruses hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

One letter states, the patient's results were negative and because the patient's last dental visit to Dr. Harrington occurred before September 19, 2012, he or she does not need additional testing.

READ the letter that states no additional testing is needed here. Mobile users should click http://bit.ly/nomoretesting.

The second letter, dated April 4, 2013, also tells the patient his or her results were negative, but since the patient's visit was sometime between September 20, 2012 and March 20, 2013 they could be in an early stage of infection that hasn't been detected. The health department recommends follow up testing for these patients.

"If you saw him within the last six months, you'll be receiving a baseline test and it will be recommended that you come back again in six months for a confirmatory test," said Kaitlin Snider, spokeswoman for the Tulsa Health Department.

READ the letter that recommends follow up testing here. Mobile users should click http://bit.ly/followuptesting.

Both letters are signed by representatives of the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Tulsa Health Department.

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Roughly 1,900 of Harrington's former patients have been tested for the blood born viruses, since Saturday, at the North Regional Health and Wellness Center.

For more information on the times that the free testing will be available, click here.

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