Dr. Douglas Brown, suspended by medical board, was previously suspended for sexual misconduct

TULSA - A Tulsa physician disappeared weeks ago. On Friday, 2NEWS learned the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision ordered Dr. Douglas Brown to close his midtown Tulsa practice and seek treatment.

Brown did just that, but his patients were left without notice and without their medical records.

After poring through documents, the 2NEWS investigators learned Brown has a troubled past, and this isn't the first time the doctor has been punished by the board.

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Mary Hill, one of Brown's former patients, is a cancer survivor. She thought she'd found a good primary care doctor when she found Brown.

"Very intelligent and anytime I had any questions or whatever he was very caring," she said.

Hill called Brown's office in April.

"We got a recording that said, 'Dr. Brown announces the closing of his office on...'," said Hill.

She didn't know what to do.

"I know he was out of the office on another issue some time before," she said.

The 2NEWS investigators did some digging into that issue and found in 2005 the medical board suspended Brown's license for a narcotics violation and sexual misconduct.

According to a complaint filed, Brown engaged in sexual acts with a patient while prescribing that patient a controlled dangerous substance.

As for what's behind the board's recent decision to order the doctor to treatment, the board isn't saying.  On Friday Brown spoke with 2NEWS and confirmed the board's order and said he's in treatment but he declined to go into further detail.

"We at least deserve to know something and we were told nothing," said Hill.

It's been two months and Hill still hasn't received her medical records.

"What now happens to all those charts with all the patient information? Social security number, insurance information, personal information. That's what concerns me," said Hill.

On Friday, Brown said the records are still in his former office, located near 19th and Utica.

The medical board said Brown will contact his patients and say patients' records are secure.

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