Dozens of pets go missing during Independence Day; websites set up to find lost animals

TULSA - Dozens of Tulsa pet owners are searching for their pets after loud fireworks spooked them away from home.

Animal experts say that's not unusual for Independence Day, one of the busiest days of their year.

"We had people when we opened our door at noon coming in to look for their dogs," Tulsa animal welfare officer Tiane Christy said.

Christy says the unusual sounds from July 4 make the animals scared and cause them to run off looking for shelter.

Dog owner Jodi Turner says her indoor dog ran away just moments after the loud booms on Independence Day.

"I was really worried because he's not used to being outside," Turner said.

She says she was really upset when she couldn't find him.

"We looked everywhere. We looked all throughout the neighborhood about three or four times ... I was up until 1 [a.m.]," Turner said.

Luckily, Turner's dog came home after being out most of the evening. But just blocks away, one dog is still missing its owner. 

Hillary Hamilton says she took in a brown Labrador after it was wondering around the neighborhood. She says the dog was very hungry and needed water when she found him.

"He looks like he's been out all night," Hamilton said.

Hamilton says he hopes she finds the owner with the help of Tulsa Animal Welfare Lost and Found Facebook Page. It's a site dedicated to helping owners find their lost pets in the area.

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