Distracted driving causes 4 accidents overnight in Tulsa

TULSA - Drivers not paying attention to the road kept police busy overnight and with more drivers on the roads for the holidays police fear is it will get worse.

Friday morning Tulsa police dealt with four different rollover accidents, including one on 15th Street where police said the driver was texting.

It happened around 2 a.m. this morning when she looked up and struck a pole. Police said it's just a split second decision that totaled her car right in front of the pie hole restaurant.

Also on Highway 11 between Yale and Harvard, a woman was talking to her husband on the phone around midnight when she went to change lanes, didn't see a car, swerved and flipped her car against a chain link fence – totaling her vehicle.

If an officer catches drivers swerving while texting or talking on the phone, the driver is now liable for a ticket in Oklahoma.

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