Dentists receive anonymous letter upset at Dental Board's handling of Harrington investigation

TULSA - Some area dentists around Tulsa are receiving an anonymous letter that goes after the Oklahoma State Board of Dentistry.

2News obtained a copy of the letter dated April 1. It criticizes the way the dental board handled its investigation of Tulsa oral surgeon Dr. Scott Harrington.
Harrington is accused of unsanitary practices that put patients at risk for HIV and hepatitis.
The author does not list his or her name but takes issue with what the board told the media about the investigation.
"Thanks to this gross mishandling of information and media relations, it will be a long time before the public trusts dentists the way they used to trust us," part of the letter reads.
Were you or a loved one a patient of Harrington's? Check out the state health department's FAQ on the investigation (
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