Arkansas River still dry, in desperate need of rain, says Army Corps

TULSA - The Tulsa area has seen a steady rain for several days, yet the Arkansas River is still very dry.

"These kind of slow, soaking rains are exactly what we need," said Col. Mike Teague, commander of the Tulsa District of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Teague says the current rainfall is soaking into the dry ground. "We need these good soaking rains that'll let the ground soak it up and then really create some runoffs."

Right now, water levels on Keystone Lake, which feeds water in to the Arkansas River, are exactly where the corps wants them. The lake's conservation pool is full.

Teague said water from the conservation pool will be released as necessary come summertime as rainfall is less frequent.

"That lets us stretch that water out just as far as we can, to make sure that we're meeting everybody's needs," he said.

Less than an inch of rain has been recorded in the last five days at Tulsa International Airport. Nearly four inches of rain, however, have been measured in Bixby.

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