Cushing prison placed on lockdown after being "disruptive"

CUSHING, Okla. - A Cushing prison has been placed on lockdown due to inmates being "disruptive" Sunday, Cimarron Correctional Facility officials said.

"All inmates are restricted to their cells, after facility staff responded to inmates being disruptive in one of the housing units earlier this afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m.,"  Cimarron officials said in a statement . "Facility management and staff have isolated the inmates involved and the situation has been resolved. "

There are no reported inmate or staff injuries and property damage is minimal, Cimarron officials said.

"At no time was public safety at risk as facility staff responded quickly to contain the incident," Cimarron officials said.

The Cushing Police Department and Payne County Sheriff Office were notified and provided outside perimeter support.

The medium security prison has been owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America since 1997, according to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website.

Cimarron Correctional Facility is currently houses about 1,600 inmates. About 600 inmates are from Puerto Rico. 

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