CRIME STOPPERS ALERT: Suspect hides in bathroom to steal from Tulsa Subway near Gilcrease Museum Rd

TULSA - It's about closing time at a west Tulsa Subway restaurant, but the person coming in the door doesn't want a sandwich.

The person was there to steal.

"It appears to be a man. Very well could be a woman," said the Tulsa Police Department's Jill Roberson.

The store's surveillance video, which was released exclusively to 2NEWS shows the suspect running straight for the restaurant's bathroom, a perfect place to hide.

Said Roberson, "Recently we haven't had any cases like this where an individual has hidden in a bathroom."

But it seems to work. The one employee at the restaurant near Edison and North Gilcrease Museum Road apparently didn't notice the crook.

After the employee left the restaurant for the night the suspect came out of the bathroom and went straight for the safe, somehow getting inside of it and grabbing a large amount of cash.

The video seems to show the crook entering the safe's combination, making police wonder if they were given it by one of the restaurant's employees.

"We don't know if they ultimately did know each other. Something like that could have been going on," said Roberson.

While getting in the safe was easy, leaving the store isn't.

With the front door now locked, the crook struggles to get the door open, dropping some of the cash before finally making an escape.

And they did it all without the cameras getting a clear look at the suspect's face.

"We're just asking that if anybody knows of anybody that has actually talked about this, any friends who have talked about it, to just give us that information," said Roberson.

Police hope the Information could lead them to the suspect, who can now afford a lot more than a sandwich.

If you know who may have burglarized the Subway on September 1, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

You can remain anonymous. Crime Stoppers does not want your name, just your information!

Tips could result in a reward of up to $1,500.

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