CRIME STOPPERS ALERT: Police continue search for downtown Tulsa IBC Bank robbery suspect

TULSA - In the heart of downtown Tulsa, a man robbed the IBC Bank in broad daylight.

"(He) told the teller that this was a hold up and to put money inside this bag," said Jill Roberson of the Tulsa Police Department.

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Four months later, people who work downtown still can't believe it.

"I'm very surprised," said one downtown worker.

Most concerning? Police say the crook is still on the loose.

"If I was alone walking around here I probably would feel a little more uneasy about it," said one woman.

But Tulsa Police Crime stoppers hope surveillance video will help catch the robber.

If you're reading this story on your phone click to see more surveillance photos of the suspect.

It clearly shows an older white male.

"Clearly you know inside a bank there's going to be video surveillance, so we do have good shots of his face," said Roberson.

Police say when the robber was approaching the bank he was wearing a mask, but when he went inside the bank he took it off.

He never showed a weapon and never threatened the teller.

Police believe he could be homeless or possibly even a traveling bank robber.    

"Our detectives do work with other agencies across the United States for instances like that," said Roberson.

Wherever he is, Tulsa Police Crime Stoppers need your help to put him behind bars so he doesn't have the chance to rob another bank.  

If you have any information or tip that could help police, contact Crimestoppers ( You do not have to give your name.

Tips that lead to an arrest could result in a reward of up to $1,500.


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