Safe room, tornado shelter rebates may be hard to find as Oklahomans prepare for storm season

COWETA, Okla. - At the start of tornado season, many Oklahomans are getting prepared for severe weather. If you're looking for a storm shelter right now, that may be hard to find.
Many people tried to take advantage of last year's rebate to buy a storm shelter, and because of that, some places have wait lists. So if you want a storm shelter, you better act quick.

On a sunny, windy spring day, Donna Grozier of Coweta is thinking more about spring flowers.. than tornados.
But this spring, a new storm shelter sits just inside of her garage

"It took a little while, because it had to get approved and they had to go through different channels to get it," Grozier said.

It took Donna and her husband Dave several months to get their rebate for a safe room. For others, it takes much longer.

"We had to wait a little to get it finalized and go through, but I think it was worth it in the end," said Dave Grozier.

Dennis Trott owns Tornado Alley Storm Cellars.

"Business always picks up in the spring time. But if we get an outbreak of tornados, sometimes I just get more than I can build," Trott said.

He says after several tornados in 2011, including the devastating Joplin tornado, available rebates for safe rooms also increased. But so did the wait.

"It's something you just have to be persistent on calling in, you know, and going online and filling out the application, and keeping up with it," Trott said.

Donna and Dave got through the paperwork. They say it has them prepared this tornado season.

"We have yet to use this one, and I hope we don't have to. But it's here if we need it," said Dave Grozier.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management offers a tornado shelter rebate program for Oklahoma homeowners. The maximum rebate you can get is $2,000.

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