Rogers County inmate found electrocuted with sleep apnea equipment sent suicide letter, says friend

CLAREMORE, Okla. - The friend of an inmate found dead in the Rogers County Jail Monday says she saw his death coming.

Leslie Paul Jones, 47, electrocuted himself early Monday morning, according to a source close to the investigation. Jones' body was discovered next to his CPAP machine, a piece of equipment used to treat sleep apnea.

Lori Hamilton says she received a letter from Jones last month she believes indicated he might try to take his own life. Hamilton, who recalled befriending the man more than two years ago on Facebook, read a particularly curious excerpt of the letter to 2NEWS reporter Dan Pearlman Monday.

"I was going to do it on the first but I don't have everything ready so I hope to be ready by Nina's birthday. The look on their face should be priceless," Jones allegedly wrote.

Jones was arrested last year, charged with rape, sodomy and possession of child pornography. He was set to stand trial Monday.

Hamilton says she shared the letter with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office. Neither RCSO officials nor the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation would comment further on the matter and have not ruled Jones' death a suicide.

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