Company gives away T-shirts to stop bullying

TULSA - Most people start a business with the sole purpose of making money, but a Tulsa man started a clothing company with another idea in mind -- he wants to put an end to bullying.

"I saw first hand at a donation how a simple shirt gave a child a great self esteem," said Tyson Baker, owner of Reach Clothing.

Baker can be seen giving away T-shirts at local schools from time to time.  His Reach Clothing gives away a shirt for every shirt it sells.

Baker says it is his way of trying to stop bullying.

"It started after I heard about a child being bullied for wearing the same shirt to school everyday.  And I admired the simple business model 'buy one, give one'," Baker said.

The company name Reach is short for "To Reach and Be Reached."

Tyson has the support of many in the community. They see how he is impacting kids lives.

Baker says he to was a victim of bullying growing up.  It was minor he says compared to what some kids go through, but it is time for bullying to stop.

His goal is to take his company and his message world wide.

"One day I want to help out one million children. That is my goal," Baker said.

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