Sai Milan, Maple Glen Development Company, SAHO Properties sue city of Owasso

TULSA - Three companies sue the city of Owasso after officials denied the final plats for their development projects last month.

The companies want a Tulsa County judge to reverse the council's decision.

The projects include a motel (Sai Milan, LLC), subdivision (Maple Glen Development Company, Inc. ) and an animal hospital (SAHO Properties, LLC).

Councilors who voted against the project said they wanted more answers about city manager Rodney Ray's financial relationship with one of the developers.

Ray denies any wrongdoing and calls allegations against him politically motivated.

An attorney for the developers calls the council's action "arbitrary and capricious" and says an impartial council hearing violated his client's civil rights.

The attorney sent a letter to the city asking for all notes, emails and text messages in which councilors who voted against the projects discussed these matters.

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