Daughter inherits 27 cats after Collinsville mother passes, asks Tulsa Humane Society for help

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. - A Collinsville woman is seeking help after she says her inheritance became too much of a burden. 

When Nicole Peridore's mother died two months ago, she was given the family home. But it was what came along with the house that has created such a problem for her.

Twenty-seven cats live inside the backyard shed, and plenty others roam free around the neighborhood.

Peridore admits her mother had a problem hoarding cats, and says she even had a run-in with the Tulsa Humane Society three years ago, during which they pulled 34 of the 76 cats living there from the home.

Peridore says it was her mother's big heart that caused the attachment.

"If she would have had millions of dollars, she would have given them their own mansion to live in," she said. "They would have had everything they needed, but she didn't have the money and most people don't."

But now it's Peridore's heart, also inherited from her mother, that has her looking to the Humane Society -- and the community -- to give the cats a proper home.

"I feel guilty and bad, then I keep telling myself, 'I know it's right,'" she said. "I know it's the right thing to do."

Peridore says she plans to keep 12 of her mother's favorite cats, but will have to hope the rest can find loving owners.

Fifteen have already been put up for adoption. Those interested in adopting can head over to the Tulsa Humane Society at 60th and South Sheridan Avenue or check out their website here (http://bit.ly/1dkH2ba).

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