Collinsville man arrested for shooting at girlfriend's father with an intent to kill

A Collinsville man is in jail after attempting to shoot his girlfriend's father Friday night.

Shelby Lewis, 22, was arrested when police responded to gunshots coming from a Collinsville home, with reports that a man had been shot in the head.

A woman met police at the front of the house and said Lewis was armed with a shotgun and handgun. Lewis was at the front door with blood on his hands and face. Upon questioning, Lewis admitted to trying to shoot the victim.

Police say the incident began when Lewis and the victim were arguing over drugs. Lewis first assaulted the victim in the kitchen with the shotgun. He was able to get the gun away from Lewis, but Lewis then fired the handgun down the hallway, according to the victim's testimony. He hid in the closet, and Lewis fired two rounds into the closet. The victim was then able to get out of the front door, when Lewis left the room.

Police found one 12-gauge shotgun, along with a 9-mm pistol in the home.

Lewis was treated for minor scratches and was then arrested on felony complaints of shooting with an attempt to kill. He was held on a $75,000 bond.

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