Rising Oklahoma gas prices have people thinking CNG, other alterative fueling options

TULSA - As the price of regular gasoline skyrockets, more Oklahomans are turning to alternative fuels -- primarily CNG -- to save money.

According to GasBuddy, the average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded in Tulsa averaged $3.61 early Tuesday afternoon, seven cents higher than Monday. The state average was $3.59.

Oklahoma's gas prices are still 10 cents lower than the nationwide average of $3.71.

Check out our gas page to monitor national and local prices, as well as the cheapest rates we could find in the Tulsa area (http://bit.ly/gaspage).

The average household spent more than $4,100 on gas last year, according to AAA.

AAA expects the average household amount spent on gas in 2013 to be lower than 2012, even though prices have increased in recent weeks.

Frustrated with unstable prices, more people are turning to CNG and saving a bundle.

Coweta resident Nathan Binam switched to CNG two years ago to help save money with his lawn care business.

"I drive all over town. I fill up once a day," said Binam.

But Binam spends about a third of what he had been spending on regular gasoline.

Binam spent $17 to fill up his truck on Tuesday afternoon.

"Anywhere you can cut cost in business is a big advantage and it's what I've just dedicated myself to do," he said.

Oklahoma has the lowest CNG prices in the nation. According to CNG now, the average price in the state is $1.16 per gallon. It averages $2.10 nationwide.

MORE: CNG stations around Tulsa (http://bit.ly/CNGmap)

While CNG can save motorists money, converting a vehicle to run on CNG is costly, even with state tax incentives. The cost can range from $4,000 to $10,000.

In addition, CNG stations aren't located at every major intersection like regular gas stations, and currently only have 10 public stations in the Tulsa metro.

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